About Us

Humbs was born from the need to develop an innovative casual brand of shoes with a strong attitude and personality. It all started with two friends, Hugo and Miguel, complimenting each others' shoes. As simple as that. Sometimes the best ideas arise from the most casual circumstances. The compliment developed into a deeper conversation about design and functionality and ended up with both wanting to create a different kind of brand with fashion and trends in mind, but also with social, sustainable and fun communication as a strong goal.


With the goal of helping homeless people, whose numbers have been increasing continously day-by-day, especially with the emergence of COVID-19, we decided to donate a meal for every purchase. Initially, our name was a variation of the term "homeless" - it started with "Hobes", due to various reasons went on to "Hobbes" and then ended up in a simple yet unique word originated from the term "humble", Humbs.


After one year developing our very first shoe, several prototypes, materials and comes and goes, Humbs One was born. Humbs One is the embodiment of the brand by featuring innovative materials and functionalities whilst helping the less fortunate.


Help us develop into something bigger.


Feel The Need.